Will Abbey ship internationally?

We can ship orders placed on our website internationally and have distributors throughout the world. Check out our distributor page to locate an option in your part of the world

Does the Crombie fit over all quick release skewers?

Unfortunately no. The skewer nut is a part that hasn’t had to conform to anything in the past. It does fit over an estimated 85% of skewers. Skewers from Salsa, Shimano, Mavic and most other manufactures clear without issue. Campagnolo skewers made after 2012 will also clear. Skewers that have a plastic cap over a metal nut are hit or miss.

Will the HAG work on all frames?

The HAG was tested on as many bikes as we could get our hands. Trek frames with ABP are fine as well as the couple of Specialized frames that are known to have issues. It also works well with Shimano’s direct mount rear derailleur fitment. We couldn’t test everything out there so if you run across something let us know.

Does Abbey do industry or shop pricing?

The short answer is no. We build tools for professional mechanics and price them for that market. A very large percentage of our customers are professional mechanics so this makes the most sense to us. We could have an inflated MSRP so most of our customers could get a ‘deal’, but that would alienate our discerning non industry customers.

Do you make custom tools?

Most of the tools in the Abbey range started as custom tools. Including the Crombie that started it all. We love to do custom projects but time is in short supply these days. Contact us if you have an idea and we can discuss how to move forward.

Which Chain Whip do I need to get for my Crombie Tool?

The only difference in the Chain Whip is the plug in the end. It comes one of two ways. With a 3/8” plug for single sided tools. Or with a ½” plug for dual sided tools and the Team Issue.

What hub sizes does the Geiszler truing stand adapter work with?

Early tools that were either bead blasted or red anodized worked with 12X142, 12X150, 15X100, 20X110, and 24mm maverick. Green colored Geiszlers made after 4-1-2014 will also work with Lefty hubs.

Do you offer custom engraving?

We no longer have an ongoing custom engraving program. We may offer up an opportunity to custom engrave tools once or twice a year

Will Abbey Tools make me a better mechanic?

We try our best to do that, but ultimately the tools are only as good as the hands they are in. Send us a note if you need guidance on how to use the tools